About Us

Bringing a vision to life. 

Since its inception in 2016, FallenLight and its team of experienced professionals have worked together to transform the organization from a small, exclusively short-film production label into a full service film, video, and multimedia production entity.

Here at FallenLight, we offer that full service production for narrative films, commercials, music videos, documentaries, events, web content, and more. From the initial pitch to the writing, casting, production, and editing, we work every step of the way to foster an open and creative environment, where ideas can take shape, transforming before your eyes into a full-scale, professional quality production.
Through countless hours of one-on-one attention given to each client, we strive to revolutionize the image and marketing of each and every client, as well as to form lasting relationships along the way.
We get to know you and your brand. Your passion becomes our passion, and together, we'll further something we all believe in. Our mission is not just to do a job. It's to help a friend. To bring a vision to life. To create a masterpiece.